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Tactical Naval Warfare

NAVY FIELD Mobile is the mobile version of award winning PC MMO NAVY FIELD.
NF Mobile is a massive multiplayer online action mobile game set in World War II. The players engage in naval battles, controlling large and small warships, submarines, carriers and airplanes. Fighting is session-based, with up to 64 players on one map.
The player’s fleet and crew are persistent from battle to battle and gain experience. The game is free to play and is monetized via item sales. Main focus is on player and team PVP.
Accurately reconstructed historical warships are presented in stunning graphics setting the benchmark for the genre.

Real Time Action!

NF Mobile is an action game at its core, as the player directly controls his battleships, manually targets the main guns and fires them. Movement control is affected by the player in real time. With many ships in battle, action often gets frantic. Different types of units require very different tactics, ranging from no-holds barred frontal assault by battleships to covert hunting by submarines. There is also a surprisingly deep strategy involved with terrain and weather conditions, and, most importantly, coordination with allied players. Different mission types support different playing styles, so each player can choose what suits him most, from a furious dogfight to a carefully planned and executed siege on port.


Key Features


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